We are Cathy and Jamie Tonkin. We like travelling. We want to do more of it. So we are.

Jamie is the wine merchant so hoping to try some decent wines in Chile and Argentina for work purposes of course. Cathy is not a wine merchant and hopes to drink lots of wine in all of the countries she visits to help Jamie. She is very helpful like that.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hallo, sabbaticalers! Remember me from Cuba?! Got the address from Christine! Wish you phantastic times, experiences, encounters, and wines, of cause. Lol, KONRAD

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  2. Hello Cathy, not sure what time lapse is but happy birthday for 12th whether that is today for you or tomorrow. Have thoroughly enjoyed your blog…I feel a book coming on! I think Michael Palin needs a rest you would be his ideal replacement. Keep safe see you in August love Aunty Elaine

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