Sagres, Portugal

A little detour before leaving Europe to Sagres in the Western Algarve. Known as ‘the end of the world’ Sagres is a fab little surf town full of surfer dudes travelling from beach to beach, before deciding to go back to the original beach to then conclude that the previous beach was actually better but by then its dark and they’ve not been in the water yet… Or is that just Jamie..!

Surf is definitely the focus of this town with juice bars, vegan menus and surf schools a plenty. It’s got a super chilled vibe with a blend of Europeans, North Americans and Brits who enjoy the water and taking a break from daily life, or who have decamped permanently and run guest houses or juice bars.

Some great choices of places to eat. One great place was Mum’s (well mum’s food is always best)! The menu was fish and or vegan options with some interesting choices including black rice crackers and broccoli mousse. Yumski.