Seville, Spain

Well you can’t go wrong with a day and night Seville. As on the previous occasions we have visited I gave Jamie earache telling him how “I could definitely live here!” Unfortunately too far from the sea for him but for me it’s so buzzy with a different place to eat and drink every night for the next 10 years and the architecture is phenomenal. We also arrived on the last day of the festival of April and the streets were awash with ladies from little girls to OAP’s dressed to the nines in their flamenco dresses looking fabulous and a huge firework ended the festival that evening.

The other big plus is about Seville is the weather, I’ve never been on a bad weather day and considering I can end droughts in India with my very presence this is quite a miracle! So yet another reason to live there!

After doing the cultural thing by day and visiting the Plaza de Espana and walking through the parks so Jamie could escape the sun (he still comes away with a better tan than me) we hit the bars for wine and tapas. The Jewish quarter is nice for getting lost in and we also tried some of the streets leading up to the cathedral and the tapas didn’t disappoint. Neither did the wine – until the next morning. Not so positive about it then…


2 thoughts on “Seville, Spain

  1. I should have met someone from Seville instead I end up in marseille …. not quite the cultural experience I expected 😦

    The blog is great, can’t wait to read more.

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