Easter Island

Easter Island had always been on the agenda when we talked about South America but once we had begun travelling we wondered whether the cost of getting there may stop us in our tracks. However, after some debate we decided that we were never likely to be so ‘close’ again and so we carpe diemed … More Easter Island

Chilly in Chile

So I hear it’s been 27 degrees in the UK? Good. For. You. I’ve been sleeping in my beanie…! I knew Patagonia would be cold and I accepted it with grace.  It wasn’t dreadful, layers were even removed during hikes. However, on departure from Bariloche and on return to Chile it seemed to get colder. … More Chilly in Chile

The Night Bus

With the Paso de los Libertadores finally open we made our way across the Andes by night bus. Not the vomit comet that was the N87 night bus in London that we would find our way home on.  In fact on this night bus there was no vomit, no drunk passengers that whilst snoring missed their … More The Night Bus

The Rainmaker

I love travelling. I love seeing new places, meeting new people, getting excited about places I had never even thought of and then quickly become obsessed with them. I always think that anything seems possible when you are travelling, you can be anyone, achieve anything. The reason I mention this is I don’t want you … More The Rainmaker

Santiago de Chile

We’ve arrived in South America! After a 14 hour flight from Madrid we landed in Santiago. It was pretty amazing flying in over the Andes mountain range although the sudden turbulence on descent did make me think of the film ‘Alive’ and I began to eye up the size of my fellow passengers… just in … More Santiago de Chile