Living in Lima

I had no idea what to expect of Lima. As it turns out, I could live there. It’s the first time I’ve said that in all the places we’ve visited in South America but Lima certainly ticked the boxes. In a similar way to London, the city is made up of multiple barrios, each with their … More Living in Lima

Ica & Huacachina – dune buggies and sand boarding

I’ve got a confession. I’m not a thrill seeker. I hold the coats at theme parks, I’ll be the ‘official photographer’ for any vaguely adrenaline fulled activity and I almost always do up my seat belt… The thing is, I’ve given this on the edge living a go and it’s almost always turned into a … More Ica & Huacachina – dune buggies and sand boarding

Machu Picchu

The thing about winging it is that we never have an exact plan of where we will be until pretty much the day before, or on some occasions an hour before. This has not been a problem so far but did mean that Machu Picchu could not be booked in advance and for many things … More Machu Picchu

Easter Island

Easter Island had always been on the agenda when we talked about South America but once we had begun travelling we wondered whether the cost of getting there may stop us in our tracks. However, after some debate we decided that we were never likely to be so ‘close’ again and so we carpe diemed … More Easter Island

Chilly in Chile

So I hear it’s been 27 degrees in the UK? Good. For. You. I’ve been sleeping in my beanie…! I knew Patagonia would be cold and I accepted it with grace.  It wasn’t dreadful, layers were even removed during hikes. However, on departure from Bariloche and on return to Chile it seemed to get colder. … More Chilly in Chile