The Beginning

So it begins. My first ever blog and very much like the travels ahead no real plan. I know my Mum will read it, maybe my Dad and that’s just to check we’ve not been eaten by cannibals or kidnapped by South American gangs. However for anyone else that happens to stumble across this, we are very open to any suggestions along the route that follows so comment away.

We’re taking some time to travel to some of the places we’ve had on the ‘to visit’ list for a while starting in South America. The blog is called winging it because well we are… All intentions to be super organised disappeared in the chaos of final weeks at work so plans are pretty vague and open to change. It will be exciting to see new places and meet new people that can help shape the journey. Let’s see how this blog evolves!

4 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Loving that you’ve started a blog and like your mum and dad, I too will be reading it to check for any SA gang action. Winging it is totally the opposite of anything I could ever do, so I’m looking forward to reading it and hearing about the fun you’ll both way….. perhaps one tip. Check the rain forecast before you go anywhere 😂

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